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Cyclic vomiting syndrome plus accompanying Ross syndrome: More than a peripheral autonomic dysfunction [2023] - 719KB
by Gizem Gürsoy, Kemal Tutkavul, Şirin Yaşar
Ross syndrome is a rare syndrome consisting of areflexia, tonic pupil and segmental anhidrosis. It has been shown to accompany neuropsychiatric diseases such as psychiatric disorders, headache, and ep...

Phenotypic comparison of a novel variant (p.P164R) and A founder mutation (c.748+1G>A) in Warburg Micro syndrome [2023] - 1,395KB
by Tayfun Cinleti, Gamze Sarıkaya Uzan, Büşra Bürçe, Yağmur Küçümen, Hatice Yelda Yalçın, Semra Gürsoy, Uluç Yiş, Ahmet Okay Çağlayan, Özlem Giray Bozkaya
Warburg Micro syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disease due to pathogenic variants found most commonly in the RAB3GAP1 gene. It is commonly seen in consanguineous marriages and is characterized b...

Multiple symmetric lipomatosis and MERRF: A case from Turkey [2023] - 543KB
by Sezin Alpaydin Baslo, Betul Tekin, Gokcen Gundogdu Unverengil, Mucahid Erdogan, Mahir Yusifov, Dilek Atakli
The association of multiple symmetric lipomatosis (MSL) and mitochondrial disorders is not frequent. We report a male patient with multiple lipomas, hearing loss, progressive limb-girdle muscle weakne...

Predictors associated with stroke after coronary artery bypass grafting in Turkish population [2023] - 586KB
by Esra Eruyar, Kaan Kaya
Background Objective: Postoperative stroke is a serious adverse event, a major cause of morbidity and mortality after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). This study is designed to determine the in...

The association between atherogenic index of plasma and stroke in Chinese middle-aged and elderly population: a national cross-sectional study [2023] - 1,384KB
by Feifei Xu, Xi Zhong
Objective: To investigate the association between atherogenic index of plasma (AIP) and stroke. Methods: The 2015 China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) survey was used in this study....

Evaluation of intracranial atherosclerotic disease risk factors in patients with acute ischemic stroke [2023] - 400KB
by Yasemin Dinç, Rıfat Ozpar, Gizem Mesut, Farid Hojjati, Bahattin Hakyemez, Mustafa Bakar
Background & Objective: Intracranial atherosclerotic disease (ICAD) is a prevalent cause of ischemic stroke and is related to recurrent strokes. In this study, we aim to identify the ICAD rate and est...

Mean platelet volume-to-lymphocyte ratio predicts poor functional outcome of acute ischemic stroke patients [2023] - 527KB
by Anna Ying, Yiqing Jiang, Lingyan Chen
Background & Objective: The mean platelet volume-to-lymphocyte ratio (MPVLR) is a novel and easily available marker of poor short-term prognosis in myocardial infarction patients. The present study wa...

Immature granulocyte and other markers in prediction of the short-term and long-term prognosis of patients with acute ischemic stroke [2023] - 521KB
Background & Objectives: To evaluate immature granulocytes, a new inflammatory biomarker, and other markers in short- and long-term prognosis in patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS). Methods: Lab...

Plasma S100A1 protein: An effective prognostic biomarker for 3-month clinical outcome in acute ischemic stroke patients [2023] - 625KB
by Guo Hong, Haina Zhao, Yuxuan Yin, Zhaohao Zeng, Yu Luo, Lili Zhang
Background: Plasma S100A1 protein is a novel inflammation biomarker associated with acute myocardial infarction and neurodegenerative diseases. This study aimed to investigate the predictive value of ...

Intensive care unit admission prediction tool for ischemic stroke patients receiving intravenous thrombolysis: A retrospective cohort study [2023] - 542KB
by Chainarong Tiyadechachai, Veerapong Vattanavanit
Background: Some evidence suggests that given the limited healthcare resources, the majority of low- risk stroke patients may not require critical care monitoring. This study aimed to establish a pred...

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