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Prevalence of self-reported stroke in association with ethnic background within a multi-ethnic population in Paramaribo, Suriname: Results from the HeliSur study [2016] - 398KB
by Ameerani V Jarbandhan, Marco J M Hoozemans, Roselien Buys, Frederieke S Diemer, Se-Sergio M Baldew, Jet Aartman, Lizzy M Brewster, Gert A van Montfrans, Glenn P Oehlers, Dirk-Jan HEJ Veeger, Jerry Toelsie, Luc Vanhees
Background:Suriname is a middle-income country with a multi-ethnic population. Urbanization and ethnicity may be associated with incidence of cerebrovascular disease, but so far this has not been docu...

Sex differences in large artery atherosclerotic stroke, a Korean study [2016] - 374KB
by Cindy W Yoon, Hee-Kwon Park, Joung-Ho Rha
Background & Objective: Sex differences in cerebral atherosclerosis and subsequent stroke have not been thoroughly investigated and conflicting data exist. The aim of this study was to investigate sex...

Vascular risk factors for stroke among urban community dwelling adults in Ansan city, Korea [2016] - 488KB
by Hyun Goo Kang, Seung-Han Suk, Jin Sung Cheong, Bum Joon Kim
Background & Objective: The number of ischemic stroke is increasing steadily. The recent stroke prevention strategies have targeted risk factors for preventing ischemic stroke. Community-based data th...

Thrombolysis in ischaemic stroke in rural North East Thailand by neurologist and non-neurologists [2016] - 246KB
by Kannikar Kongbunkiat, Narongrit Kasemsap, Somsak Tiamkao, Verajit Chotmongkol, Kittisak Sawanyawisuth, Pawut Mekawichi, Kasemsin Pavakul, Pisit Soison, Janhom Jattawanin, Panadda Kaitchanon, Weera Yaowapruek, Arkom Arayawichanon, Thanun Thanwiset, on beha
Background & Objective: Acute ischemic stroke (AIS) has been shown to be effectively treated with thrombolytic therapy. Thailand and other developing countries have limited stroke specialists to presc...

A comparative study on obsessive compulsive symptoms in temporal lobe and generalized epilepsies [2016] - 227KB
by Neena S Sawant, Biswarup M Ghosh
Background& Objective: Temporal lobe epilepsy has been associatedwith psychopathology especially obsessive-compulsive (OC) traits or symptoms as one of it’s specific personality characteristics as c...

Medium-chain triglyceride ketogenic diet for drugresistant epilepsy in Taiwan: A prospective study in a single center [2016] - 301KB
by Yi-Shan Wang, Meng-Ying Hsieh, Po-Cheng Hung, Min-Liang Chou, Jainn-Jim Lin, I-Jun Chou, Wan-Ling Huang, Huei-Shyong Wang, Kuang-Lin Lin
Objective: This study aimed to determine the efficacy of a medium-chain triglyceride ketogenic diet on patients with drug-resistant epilepsy over a period of 1 year and 8 months. Methods: Patients wit...

Relationship between serum high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels and cognitive function in patients with Parkinson’s disease [2016] - 265KB
by Seong-Min Choi, Byeong C Kim, Kyung Wook Kang, Kang- Ho Choi, Tai-Seung Nam, Joon-Tae Kim, Seung-Han Lee, Man-Seok Park, Myeong-Kyu Kim, Ki-Hyun Cho
Inflammation might be associated with cognitive impairment and be involved in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease (PD). High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) is a sensitive biomarker of s...

Clock drawing test to screen for dementia in parkinsonian patients with low educational backgrounds [2016] - 782KB
by Han-Yeong Jeong, Jee-Young Lee, Hee Kyung Park, Sohee Oh, Jun-Young Lee
Objectives: This study was aimed to assess the usefulness of the quantitative assessment of clock drawing test (CDT) combined with the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) compared to that of the Mont...

A 5-year follow-up visual evoked potentials and nerve conduction study in young adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus [2016] - 279KB
by Heon-Seok Han, Heon Kim, Sang-Soo Lee
Central nervous system impairment is common in diabetic patients, even in the early stages of the disease, and could be associated with peripheral neuropathy. The aims of this study were to prospectiv...

Bilateral thalamic internal medullary lamina involvement in a case of dengue encephalitis [2016] - 385KB
by Sherrini Bazir Ahmad, Chin Sum Cheong, Shen-Yang Lim, Kartini Rahmat, Faizatul Izza Rozalli, Shamala Devi Sekaran, Helmi Sulaiman, Sasheela Ponnampalavanar, Kheng Seang Lim, Chong Tin Tan
There are 50-100 million dengue infections each year, but dengue encephalitis is relatively uncommon. The aetiology of neuronal injury is proposed to be due to direct viral neurotropism or host immune...

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