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Paediatric gliomatosis cerebri presenting with deep gray matter lesions [2023] - 2,230KB
by Limin Li, Choong Yi Fong, Wei Kang Lim, Jen Chun Foo, Raja Rizal Azman, Nor Faizal Ahmad Bahuri, Kein Seong Mun
Gliomatosis cerebri (GC) is a rare extensively infiltrating growth pattern of diffuse glioma with wide clinical heterogeneity, often mimicking other disorders. GC usually affects the white matter and ...

Cavernous sinus syndrome as the first presenting sign of metastatic cholangiocarcinoma [2023] - 853KB
by Maria Sofia Cotelli, Michele Frigerio, Patrizia Civelli, Marta Bianchi, Filippo Manelli, Marinella Turla
Cholangiocarcinoma is poorly treatable and highly lethal adenocarcinoma of the hepatobiliary system. The incidence of brain metastases was 0.15%, 0.47% and 1.4% in three large case series. Cavernous s...

Neuroimaging Clinics: Central Nervous System Infections [2023] - 227KB
by Victor HT Chong
The recent Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the potential for infectious diseases to cause catastrophe of biblical scale with unprecedented speed. Within months of onset, the pandemic almost brought to t...

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