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Adaptation of the STRiDE dementia survey into the Indonesian context in North Sumatra [2022] - 207KB
by Fasihah Irfani Fitri, Ika Mariana Gultom, Eka Mahendrayana, Engki Irawan, Aldy S Rambe, Tara Puspitarini Sani, Yuda Turana, Imelda Theresia, Nicolas Farina, Sube Banerjee
Background: North Sumatra is one of two provinces in Indonesia in which the prevalence and costs of care of dementia has been completed as part of the STrengthening Responses to dementia In Developing...

Age-dependent changes in steady-state visual evoked potentials [2022] - 821KB
by Siao-Shi Chin, Wai-Lai Mah, Siew-Ying Mok, Danny Wee-Kiat Ng, Lee-Fan Tan, Yin-Qing Tan, Norlisah Ramli, Khean-Jin Goh, Sing-Yau Goh
Variability in user performance has been a crucial hurdle that prevents the adoption of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), but the factors that led to the variations were unclear. This study investigat...

Efficacy of high-cervical spinal cord stimulation in vegetative patients and its effect on blood flow [2022] - 387KB
by Yu Gu, Jialiang Tan, Weicheng Peng, Dongxiang Fu, Jingyuan Yao, Jie Wu
To investigate the efficacy of high-cervical spinal cord stimulation in vegetative patients and its effect on blood flow. Sixty patients with persistent vegetative state were assigned in a control gro...

A patient with persistent prosopagnosia after right posterior cerebral artery territorial infarction [2022] - 762KB
by Bon D Ku, Go Un Kim
Prosopagnosia is a specific form of visual agnosia that impairs the ability to recognise familiar faces. Prosopagnosia is typically considered for bilateral ventro-occipitotemporal lesions involving t...

De Morsier plus syndrome: A rare congenital disorder presenting with adult onset seizure [2022] - 498KB
by Lovelle G Ditucalan, Herminigildo H Gan
De Morsier syndrome, also known as septo-optic dysplasia (SOD), describes a triad of optic nerve hypoplasia, hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction and midline abnormalities such as absent septum pellucid...

New-onset refractory status epilepticus after first dose of tozinameran [2022] - 3,070KB
by You-Jiang Tan, Chun Yang Sim, Kaavya Narasimhalu, Kheng Seang Lim
As the worldwide vaccination effort against COVID-19 gains traction, complications attributed to the vaccines are increasingly reported in medical literature. Herein, we describe the first two cases o...

Adult onset subacute sclerosing panencephalitis presenting with acute ischemic stroke [2022] - 829KB
by Amlan Kusum Datta, Uddalak Chakraborty, Adreesh Mukherjee, Alak Pandit
Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a progressive, invariably fatal inflammatory disease of the brain, owing to persistent measles virus infection. It generally presents in childhood or adol...

Agranulocytosis following intravenous immunoglobulin administration in a patient with Guillain-Barré Syndrome triggered by COVID-19: A case report [2022] - 311KB
by Marina Djikić, Mirjana Ždraljević, Tijana Miladinović, Marija Milenković, Ivana Berisavac
Neutropenia during recovery after coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), as well as neutropenia after intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) administration are very rare hematological abnormalities. We repor...

Electrical myotonia and antibiotic induced myasthenic crises: A novel CHRNE variant [2022] - 229KB
by Jingwei Sim, Kaavya Narasimhalu
We describe a middle-aged lady who had developed childhood-onset chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia, fatigable ptosis, and myopathic facies. Unique features of her clinical phenotype include...

Practical utility of electrophysiologic tests in diagnosing functional myoclonus: An illustrative case [2022] - 739KB
by You-Jiang Tan, Chiew Sern Ong, Isabel Siow, Yeow Hoay Koh
We describe the case of a 22-year-old female who was diagnosed with a functional movement disorder. The diagnostic processes she underwent elegantly illustrates the practical utility and limitations o...

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