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Recurrent attacks of transient global amnesia with intracranial vertebral artery dissection: Case report [2021] - 995KB
by Hyung-Soo Lee, Sang-hun Lee
Whether Transient global amnesia (TGA) is related to ischemic pathogenesis remains unclear. The recurrence of TGA is rare. We report a rare case of recurrent attacks of TGA with intracranial vertebral...

Chronic subdural hematoma as a complication of medicinal leech therapy [2021] - 516KB
by Nuri Serdar Baş, Azmi Tufan
Applications related to the use of leeches in medical therapies date back for centuries. We present here a case of self-administered leech application for chronic low back pain who subsequently develo...

Retroclival subdural hematoma associated with warfarin: A case report [2021] - 1,005KB
by Sinan Bahadir
Retroclival subdural hemorrhage is a rare entity. Apart from trauma, it may occur due to rupture of an aneurysm, pituitary apoplexy and spontaneously. Very few cases are associated with bleeding disor...

Expanding the genotype-phenotype spectrum of autosomal recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease: A novel PLEKHG5 gene mutation [2021] - 529KB
by Özlem Yayici Köken, Ülkühan Öztoprak, Vehap Topçu, Büşranur Çavdarli, Çağrı Mesut Temuçin, Üstün Aydingöz, Özge Dedeoğlu, Hülya Kayilioğlu, Deniz Yüksel
Autosomal recessive intermediate Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) disease type C is a very rarely-seen neurogenetic disorder. Homozygous or compound heterozygous mutation in the Pleckstrin homology domain-co...

Indirect traumatic musculocutaneous nerve injury confused with static line injury: A case report [2021] - 298KB
by Eun Jin Kim, Kyoung-Eun Kim
The musculocutaneous nerve is rarely injured because it is short and is located deep in the shoulder and arm. Damage is usually caused by direct injuries, including stabbing, explosion, and surgery in...

Is deep brain stimulation useful in Lance–Adams syndrome? [2021] - 414KB
by Gülşah Öztürk, İrem Taşçı, Mustafa Yavuz Samanci, Selçuk Peker
Lance–Adams syndrome (LAS) is a chronic post-hypoxic myoclonus that occurs after successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Although many drugs are available to treat this condition, the underlying m...

Isolated unilateral lingual paralysis in a supranuclear infarction [2021] - 411KB
by Jiyoung Kim, Kyoung Jin Hwang
Lingual paralysis can result from damage to both upper and lower motor neurons. However, since the hypoglossal nucleus is innervated from both hemispheres simultaneously, unilateral lingual paralysis ...

A collaborative effort to build an epilepsy program in central Vietnam [2021] - 862KB
by Thi Phuoc Yen Tran, Van Tri Truong, Dinh Toan Nguyen, Duy Duan Nguyen, Alain Bouthillier, Dang Khoa Nguyen
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a developing country with an estimated population of 96.2 million as of 2019. The prevalence rate of epilepsy is between 4.4 and 14 per 1000 population. The care o...

Skipped multilevel lesion as an atypical tuberculous spondylitis mimicking spinal metastasis: A case report [2021] - 463KB
by Paulus Sugianto, Felisitas Farica Sutantoyo
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of major global health threats and leads to morbidity and mortality. TB is prevalent in low and middle income countries especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. M...

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