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A novel LDB3 (c.1720G>A) mutation causes myofibrillar myopathy [2021] - 596KB
by Xue Li, Haitao Yang, Jiaze Tan, Yulan Fan, Jingchuan Fan, Fei Xiao
Z-disc-associated, alternatively spliced, PDZ motif-containing protein-related myofibrillar myopathy (ZASP-MFM) is a rare autosomal dominant and late-onset distal myopathy with partial cardiomyopathy,...

Executive functions in migraineurs [2021] - 313KB
by Seda Karagol Sekitmez, Sule Bilen, Ozlem Ergin Beton
Objective: To investigate whether there is an impairment in executive functions, which are among the frontal lobe functions, in interictal periods of migraine patients and hence to determine whether t...

Midterm clinical outcomes of ultrasound-guided bilateral C2 level greater occipital nerve block in patients with chronic migraine [2021] - 327KB
by Selin Balta
Background & Objective: The overall estimated prevalence of chronic migraine is 0.7%–5.1%, leading to a social, emotional, and economic burden. Published data have shown the short-term efficacy of g...

Efficacy of trigger points self-massage in chronic tension-type headache: An unmasked, randomized, non-inferiority trial [2021] - 394KB
by Narges Karimi, Mohammad Tabarestani, Athena Sharifi-Razavi
Background & Objectives: Chronic tension-type headache (CTTH) is a disabling disorder that can cause considerable pain and negative impact on the individual’s health. We compared the efficacy of tri...

The role of Toxoplasma gondii in multiple sclerosis: A matched case-control study [2021] - 256KB
by Masoud Keighobadi, Nafise Danesh Alokandeh, Seyed Mohammad Baghbanian, Narges Karimi
Background & Objectives: Toxoplasma (T.) gondii is an intracellular parasite that has recently been reported in association with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune diseases, with an unidenti...

The relationship between cerebellar volume, clinical disability and cognitive changes in multiple sclerosis patients [2021] - 332KB
by Onural OZTURK, Seda OZTURK, Sedat GUL, Sena Destan BUNUL, Husnu EFENDI, Isa CAM
Background & Objective: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory, demyelinating and degenerative disease of the central nervous system. To determine the extent of disability and loss of functions, w...

Bibliometric analysis of manuscript characteristics that influence citations: A comparison of four major neurology journals [2021] - 515KB
by Maham Vaqar, John Walsh, Cathal Walsh, Urooba Faheem, Syed Omar Yousuf Kazmi, Marium Mehmood, Faisal Khosa
Objective: To inspect 28 data characteristics among the top neurology journals with the highest impact factor and their influence on citation rate. Methods: Consecutive articles from January 2004 to J...

Immediate effects of orthotic garment and strapping system on balance and gait in children with spastic diplegia [2021] - 404KB
by JungHee Jung, Hyunrae Cho, GyuChang Lee
TheraTogs, a orthotic garment and strapping system that is known to improve postural alignment, joint stability, and movement efficiency. However, few studies on children with cerebral palsy have inve...

Clinical factors associated with cancer-related cognitive impairment in breast cancer patients in Malaysia [2021] - 363KB
by Kae Lih Hii, Ahmad Hatim Sulaiman, Song Ling Tang, Chong Guan Ng
Background & Objective: Cancer-related cognitive impairment (CRCI) is an increasingly acknowledged after-effect of breast cancer and its treatment. However, its associated risk factors remain vaguely ...

A systematic review of lived experience and coping styles among survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI) [2021] - 353KB
by Nor’ain A Rashid, Lee Khuan, Anisah Baharom, Mohd Mursyid Arshad
Background & Objective: Throughout recovery, patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) demonstrate physical, functional, cognitive, and psychosocial problems. The aim of this article was to review th...

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